Information and advantages about attic wall insulation service

Attic Insulation is the most cost effective energy upgrade to a property. It involves laying a layer of Insulation between and over ceiling joists in the attic space. Generally 300mm depth of loft Insulation will bring up the property to the current minimum u-value of 0.16W/m2 for ceiling insulation. Particular attention must be given to ensure adequate ventilation is provided into the roof space after this works.

This involves maintaining a minimum 50mm air gap at eaves between insulation and felt layer. Water storage tanks and pipes must be Insulated to ensure they will not freeze during cold weather. A walkway should be installed in attic to allow ease of access to cold water tanks.

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Advantages of this work are

Reduce Heating Bills

Increase Comfort Levels

Reduction in your Co2 emissions from property

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